"Watermelon" (short fiction)

"Time Travel" (flash fiction)

"Today Years Old" (micro fiction)

"Cherry Tomatoes" (short short Fiction)

"Not That Kind of Nerd" (non-fiction essay)

"300 Eggs: She's Difficult" (non-fiction essay)

"Haram" (flash fiction)


My other Published work includes:
A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness:  Four Chapbooks of Short Short Fiction by Four Women Authors.  Wanting. 


New Micro: Exceptionally Short Fiction "What I really Meant Was that I Love You" (2018)
New Micro: Exceptionally Short Fiction "Looking for Nick Westlund on the MBTA" (2018)
Best of the Web 2009 "Forearm and Elbow" (2009)
I Wish They Would Have Asked Me
  (volunteer editor.  2008) 
Brevity and Echo “How to Burn a House” (2006) 
Brevity and Echo “Dear Mr. President” (2006)

Journals and Magazines:

 Nano Fiction "The Broom is for Sweeping" (Fall 2016)
Fringe "The Summer of Newts" (June 2013)
Fifth Wednesday Journal "All Stop" (Fall 2012)
Grasslimb Journal "A Basic Guide to Science" (January 2012)
Words and Images Journal "Palais Royale Chapter one"  (2010)
Quick Fiction "This is That One" (Fall 2010)
Aught Music Blog "So here I am" (November 2009)
McSweeney's Internet Tendency "
Standards for Grading the Life of an Adjunct Composition Professor" (9 November 2009)
The American Book Review "A Few Well-Chewed Morsels" (November/December 2009)
Hobart "Our Lady of Sabbattus St" (Spring 2009)
Action Yes Quarterly "What I Was Thinking While You Were Talking" (Feb ruary 2009)
HeavyGlow "How to Prepare for the New Year" (Fall 2008)
Quick Fiction
"After Dinner" (May 2008)
"Quarters" (February 2008)
"Forearm and Elbow" (February 2008)
“Wanting” (February 2007)

Quick Fiction Web “Looking for Nick Westlund on the MBTA” (October 2006)
Quick Fiction “How to Burn a House” (April 2006)
McSweeney’s Internet Tendency “Dear Mr. President” (January 2006)
Louis Liard “Things I Have Wanted to Be When I Grow Up” (Summer 2004)
Louis Liard “look see the day” (Winter 2003)
Read Magazine “so there’s this mountain” (March 1994)