21 February 2011

Smart People on Bad Days Now on The Weekly Dig

My advice column, Smart People on Bad Days, has been picked up by The Weekly Dig, and they will run the column live on their site every Monday. Here's the first post! The Weekly Dig is Boston's single best alt-media outlet for news, humor, thinky-type-coolness, and events.

From now on, columns will appear on digboston.com every Monday morning, and then be re-run at www.smartpeopleonbaddays.com every Wednesday. As we get started, there will be a bit of a content overlap, but I've got brand new advice columns lined up for you that will go live starting February 28th.

I hope you will keep reading the column at it's new home on The Weekly Dig site, and keep checking back here for additional kick-ass-ness.

So: please, check this out! And really: my heartfelt thanks for your readership, letters and support. It means a lot to me that you are all willing to share your experiences with me and each other. Keep the letters coming!

Until the 28th, keep reading The Weekly Dig, and here's a preview of coming columns to look for both there and right here at Smart People On Bad Days:

I recently started a new job, which I love. But, there is one woman, we'll call her Shelly, who is sort-of like my supervisor (its confusing) and she makes going to work so miserable that I spend most of the work day trying to avoid her.

...More coming soon!