03 November 2015

People Said Such Nice Things About Me!

"Amy Clark’s stories are flash floods, full of moments both poignant and devastating. Step into Adulterous Generation and let the waters rise around you."
—Christopher Boucher, author of How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive

"Amy L. Clark’s stories are ferociously intelligent explorations of the struggles that we all encounter as we work to make meaning in our lives: thwarted desire, misplaced attention, ordinary confusion, encounters with evils both interpersonal and institutional. She looks at these signs of a damaged world with an unsparing eye—but also, crucially, with a sharp wit and a generous heart. This is an important collection and reading it yields an abiding pleasure."
—Jeremy P. Bushnell, author of The Weirdness

"A neighbor of Flannery O’Connor’s, after reading her stories, said, ‘Well those stories just gone and shown you how some folks will do.’ And O’Connor comments, ‘... you have to start exactly there—showing how some folks will do, will do in spite of everything.’ The characters in Amy Clark’s superb collection never shy away from ‘doing.’ They consign dishes and wineglasses to the trash, flood houses, break taboos, plunder lives for a comic strip, steal money with mace as a weapon, and navigate the mayhem of their own lives with humor, wisdom, and hope in their quirky and profoundly generous hearts."
—Pamela Painter, author of Wouldn’t You Like to Know